Selenite & Black Tourmaline Hanging: Cleanse and Protect with Crystal Energies

Hang Black Tourmaline and Selenite together on your wall, window, car, or door to bring in powerful energy that cleanses, heals, and offers peace. These stones have natural cleansing properties that help to prevent toxicity and repel negativity, while promoting prosperity. Enjoy the beauty of these majestic stones and bask in the good luck, peace, and prosperity they bring.

Healing Power: The healing power of selenite combined with black tourmaline is undeniable. These two stones are a powerful combination that helps provide resistance to negative energy. Black tourmaline is known as a symbol of strength, helping to bring balance and self-confidence. It can ease feelings of stress, anxiety, anger, and worthlessness.

Protection: Selenite is a powerful crystal that offers protection by shielding from negative energy and restoring balance to the chakras. It can also be used to cleanse the environment, transforming it into a positive and vibrant space. This Selenite and black tourmaline hanging symbolizes the power of cleansing and purifying the home from spiritual negativity.


Benefits of the Selenite & Black Tourmaline Hanging:

  1. Powerful Energy Cleansing: The combination of Selenite and Black Tourmaline creates a potent energy cleansing tool. Hang it in your space to purify and clear negative energies, promoting a harmonious environment.
  2. Protection Against Negativity: Selenite and Black Tourmaline work together to provide a protective shield against negativity. This hanging acts as a talisman, keeping you guarded from harmful energies and psychic attacks.
  3. Amplifies Positive Energy: The Selenite & Black Tourmaline Hanging amplifies positive energies, fostering a sense of calm, balance, and inner peace. It helps to uplift the vibrations in your surroundings, promoting a more positive atmosphere.
  4. Spiritual Awareness and Grounding: Selenite enhances spiritual awareness and intuition, while Black Tourmaline provides grounding and stability. Together, they create a balanced energy that supports spiritual growth and keeps you grounded in the present moment.
  5. Stress Relief and Emotional Healing: The combination of Selenite and Black Tourmaline aids in stress relief and emotional healing. It helps to release tension, soothe anxiety, and promote emotional well-being, creating a sense of serenity and tranquility.
  6. Enhances Clarity and Focus: Selenite promotes mental clarity and enhances focus, while Black Tourmaline assists in grounding scattered energies. This hanging supports concentration, mental sharpness, and improved decision-making abilities.
  7. Beautiful Home Decor: Apart from its metaphysical properties, the Selenite & Black Tourmaline Hanging adds an elegant touch to your home decor. Its natural beauty and unique design make it a visually appealing piece that complements any space.

Experience the combined energies of Selenite and Black Tourmaline with the exquisite hanging available at Soulful Bazaar. Shop now and embrace the transformative benefits of this energy cleansing talisman.

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