Lapis Lazuli Tree

The Lapis Lazuli Beads Tree is a powerful source of energy that can help rejuvenate your soul. This tree can bring good luck, peace, abundance, and harmony, and fill your life with positive energy.

The Lapis Lazuli tree is invaluable in bringing balance and harmony to the mind, body, and soul. It exudes positive energy which helps to clear physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages. It can transform negative energy into vibrant energy and reduce stress, insomnia, and emotional instability. Furthermore, it can bolster concentration and foster creativity and mental clarity.

Having a divine Lapis Lazuli Tree in your home will bring prosperity, professional success, and a stronger immune system. Placing it close to you will help energy flow freely, reduce pain, and promote better sleeping patterns. Additionally, it will help ward off negative thoughts and bring goodness into your life.

How to Cleanse Crystal Tree:

The crystal has the ability to revitalize and protect against negative energy. To ensure the energy is able to move properly, it’s essential to cleanse the gem tree. This can be accomplished by placing it in sunlight for a few hours. Sunlight has a yang energy that helps to remove any blocked or stuck energy that the tree may have picked up.

Lapis Lazuli Tree

Benefits of using a Lapis Lazuli Tree:

  1. Wisdom and Knowledge: Lapis Lazuli is often associated with wisdom and intellect. The Lapis Lazuli Tree can help enhance your ability to tap into knowledge, deepen your understanding, and expand your wisdom.
  2. Inner Truth and Self-Expression: Lapis Lazuli is known as the stone of truth and self-expression. The Lapis Lazuli Tree can support you in connecting with your inner truth, expressing yourself authentically, and aligning with your true purpose.
  3. Intuition and Psychic Abilities: Lapis Lazuli is believed to stimulate and enhance intuition and psychic abilities. The Lapis Lazuli Tree can assist in developing and trusting your intuitive insights, enhancing psychic awareness, and deepening your spiritual connection.
  4. Mental Clarity and Focus: Lapis Lazuli is known for its ability to promote mental clarity and focus. The Lapis Lazuli Tree can aid in clearing mental fog, improving concentration, and enhancing productivity.
  5. Emotional Healing and Stability: Lapis Lazuli is associated with emotional healing and stability. The Lapis Lazuli Tree can help in releasing emotional blockages, promoting inner peace, and bringing balance and harmony to your emotional well-being.
  6. Communication and Confidence: Lapis Lazuli is linked to effective communication and self-expression. The Lapis Lazuli Tree can support clear and confident communication, both in personal and professional interactions.
  7. Spiritual Connection and Awareness: Lapis Lazuli is considered a stone of spiritual connection and awakening. The Lapis Lazuli Tree can help deepen your spiritual practices, expand your awareness, and connect with higher realms of consciousness.
  8. Protection and Energy Shielding: Lapis Lazuli is believed to provide protection against negative energies. The Lapis Lazuli Tree can assist in creating an energetic shield around you, guarding against negative influences and promoting a sense of safety and well-being.

Additional information


250 g


23 × 12 × 9 cm


2 – 5 business days


The stones utilised in this product are natural gemstones, so the product may differ slightly from the image shown


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