Fortune is the occurrence of fortunate and serendipitous events that manifest randomly throughout your life. It can be perceived as luck or chance, providing an opportunity to experience a reality that you did not consciously create but have aligned with due to positive vibrations resonating with its frequency. These fortuitous occurrences have the potential to bring abundance into your life. However, if you do not seize this opportunity, it will pass you by without offering any benefits.

The Wave of Fortune Lifeline exists within the fabric of time and space, but not everyone has the ability to access it. Through healing, you can uncover the fortunate and lucky events in your life that possess countless advantages. This healing process will enable you to unlock your subconscious mind, purify your aura, harmonize your chakras, and transform your life with revitalizing energy.

During this healing session, the healer will assist you in the following ways:
– Opening your subconscious mind to the possibilities of fortune and luck
– Guiding your subconscious mind to recognize favorable events in your surroundings
– Helping you recognize and benefit from the Wave of Fortune Lifeline in your present life
– Cleansing your aura and aligning your chakras to attract abundance and happiness
– Activating previous lifelines filled with joyful memories and accessing the skills, strengths, and abilities necessary for manifesting abundance
– Assisting you in embodying your successful, wealthy, influential, and prosperous self
– Attracting past life tribes to foster prosperity through partnerships
– Facilitating a quantum leap into your golden lifetimes.


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