Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Tiger’s Eye Bracelet: Embrace Confidence and Courage

The three gemstones have unique healing properties that can bring a positive transformation in your life! Wearing a tigereye stone boosts courage and confidence. Tiger-eye beaded bracelets will balance the inner chakras and help with emotional stability. It is a powerful stone that awakens the soul and paves the way towards self-realization. Wearing a tiger-eye beaded bracelet improves communication and gives clarity in all aspects of life, not only emotionally and spiritually, but also positively impacting physical aspects of health.

A powerful stone that awakens the soul and paves the way towards selfrealization, wearing a tiger eye beaded bracelet improves communication and gives clarity in all aspects of life. Known for its great healing ability, the tiger eye can heal all physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.

In Vastu and Feng Shui, the gemstones are considered lucky and divine. Keep this bracelet near you to manifest your desires and achieve goals with utmost confidence. It is the perfect Vastu item to gift your loved ones, family, and friends. This will protect from all negativity and pave the way to a positive and fulfilling life.

Cleansing Tiger Eye Bracelet:

  • Crystals contain enormous energy that rejuvenates our minds, bodies, and souls. However, when too much negative energy gets stored in the crystal, it starts concealing the positive vibrations of the crystal. So, it is necessary to cleanse the crystal to keep its energy pure and vibrant.
  • Water is the best way to neutralize all the negative energies stored and return the crystal back to its natural state. Make sure to use clean water and let the stone immerse completely in it, patting it dry once you‘re done. Leaving gemstones under the light of the full moon or in sunlight will help crystals get charged and clear away old energies.
  • You can also use Selenite crystal to charge and cleanse your crystals. When crystals are placed with Selenite, this versatile stone takes away their negative energy, inducing positive energy in them, and then automatically cleanses itself.

Tiger's Eye Bracelet


Benefits of the Tiger’s Eye Bracelet:

  1. Boosts Confidence: The Tiger’s Eye Bracelet is known for boosting confidence. It enhances self-esteem, self-worth, and a sense of personal empowerment, helping you to embrace your true potential.
  2. Instills Courage: Wearing the bracelet instills courage and inner strength. It helps you overcome fears and challenges, encouraging you to take bold steps and embrace new opportunities with confidence.
  3. Enhances Focus and Clarity: The bracelet enhances focus and clarity of thought. It promotes mental agility, sharpens the mind, and aids in making clear, rational decisions.
  4. Provides Protection and Grounding: Tiger’s Eye offers protection and grounding energy. The bracelet acts as a shield against negative energies, promoting a sense of safety and stability.
  5. Balances Emotions: Wearing the bracelet helps balance emotions. It promotes emotional stability, resilience, and a sense of calmness, enabling you to navigate challenges with composure.
  6. Stimulates Creativity and Productivity: The Tiger’s Eye Bracelet stimulates creativity and productivity. It helps to overcome creative blocks, enhances motivation, and fosters a productive mindset.
  7. Supports Abundance and Prosperity: The bracelet supports abundance and prosperity. It attracts opportunities for success, encourages financial growth, and assists in manifesting your goals and desires.

Experience the empowering energy of the Tiger’s Eye Bracelet. Shop now at Soulful Bazaar and embrace the confidence, courage, and determination offered by this beautiful crystal bracelet.

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