Experience Chakra Harmony with 7 Chakras – Mantra Singing Bowl Set for Inner Balance

Introducing the 7 Chakras – Mantra Etching Singing Bowl Set, an exquisite and soulful addition to your sacred space collection. This exclusive set, only available at Soulful Bazaar, is the perfect fusion of spiritual empowerment and mesmerizing artistry.

The 7 Chakra Singing Bowls will take you on an enlightening journey through each energy center with their unique vibrational resonance. Handcrafted from the highest-quality materials and etched with enchanting Mantras, these bowls possess hypnotic harmonics. Immerse yourself in the celestial symphony of the purest frequencies, aligning your chakras and leaving you feeling revitalized, balanced, and spiritually replenished.

Ideal for meditation, sound healing, and chakra therapy, each bowl in the set features an intricate hand-etched design that depicts its corresponding chakra symbol, enhancing the experience by catering to both the senses of sight and sound. The soulful mantras etched on each bowl serve as a transcendent reminder of their profound significance in your journey towards spiritual growth and mindfulness.

Along with the beautiful 7 Chakra Singing Bowls, this luxurious set includes 7 plush ring cushions and 7 t-light wooden strikers, ensuring a comfortable and energizing experience every time.

Soulful Bazaar invites you to indulge in the captivating world of the 7 Chakras – Mantra Etching Singing Bowl Set. Embrace spiritual awakening and inner balance as the therapeutic tones fill your haven with tranquility and pure energy.

Elevate your practice, nourish your soul, and create your very own blissful sanctuary with Soulful Bazaar’s alluring 7 Chakras – Mantra Etching Singing Bowl Set. Order yours today and experience the magic of sound therapy like never before. Prepare for the ultimate transcendence!

Benefits for the keyword “7 Chakras – Mantra Etching Singing Bowl Set”:

  1. Chakra Alignment: Each bowl in the set corresponds to a specific chakra, aiding in the alignment and balancing of your energy centers.
  2. Harmonic Resonance: The singing bowls produce resonant sounds that promote harmony and balance in your body and mind.
  3. Inner Balance: Using the mantra etching singing bowl set helps cultivate a sense of inner balance and equilibrium.
  4. Meditation Enhancement: The soothing tones of the bowls deepen your meditation practice, fostering relaxation and focus.
  5. Energy Cleansing: The vibrational frequencies of the bowls help cleanse and purify your energy field, removing blockages and promoting flow.
  6. Emotional Healing: The transformative vibrations assist in emotional release, supporting healing and emotional well-being.
  7. Chakra Activation: The singing bowls aid in activating and awakening each chakra, promoting vitality and optimal energy flow.
  8. Stress Reduction: Immerse yourself in the calming vibrations of the bowls to reduce stress, tension, and promote a sense of calmness.
  9. Spiritual Connection: The mantra etchings on the bowls enhance your spiritual connection and facilitate a deeper spiritual practice.
  10. Healing Vibrations: The singing bowl set provides transformative healing vibrations, supporting physical, emotional, and spiritual healing processes.

These benefits highlight the transformative effects of the 7 Chakras Mantra Etching Singing Bowl Set, promoting chakra harmony, inner balance, and holistic healing through the power of sound, mantra, and vibrational therapy.

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Size (inches)

3 – 5


3 – 7 business days


All deliveries are climate conscious


Made in Nepal


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