Embrace Stability and Abundance with the Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit

This Taurus Kit includes three natural stones: Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, and Selenite. The kit also comes with a natural Selenite bracelet, making it the perfect accessory to promote relaxation and inner peace. The Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz stones are said to encourage selfawareness and unconditional love, while the Selenite bracelet is believed to be a powerful tool for spiritual healing. Whether youre looking to boost your mood or recharge your energy, this kit has everything you need.

Manifest love, and affection and strengthen the bond with the Rose Quartz Gemstone. Create compassion with your family and friends and clear the negative energies to bring positivity and love. Selenite crystal brings purity to the mind, eliminates bad vibes from mind, body & spirit, and allows the flow of new, clean & positive energy. Welcome abundance, selflove, creativity, and clarity with this powerpacked kit.

Selenite Bracelet: Selenite is a gorgeous stone with powerful therapeutic abilities that clear the aura with white light and high vibrations. It’s also a spiritual stone that maintains the aura bright and drenched in white light. The healing properties of selenite gemstones can contain light energy, making it one of Mother Nature’s most remarkable creations. It works closely with higher chakras like the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. It also unblocks the Heart Chakra to enable the flow of energy. Selenite is exactly what you need if you’re feeling a sense of heaviness or emptiness in your surroundings.

Lapis Lazuli: The royal Lapis Lazuli Gemstones have the power to bestow knowledge, offer clear judgement, awaken the higher mind, and improve intellectual aptitude. It’s great for promoting inner serenity and improving memory. Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful stone that promotes wellbeing by clearing all types of obstacles and enhancing intuition. It can heal all of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues and lead you through a positive life. Balance your Throat Chakra and experience positive change in your speech and expression of thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is popularly known as the stone for unconditional love. Perfect for those who want to healthily open their heart, rose quartz ensures compassion, peace, self-love, and self-worth. Carrying a rose quartz natural healing tumble stone encourages a sense of forgiveness, and heals pains caused by break-ups, hatred & resentment. Properties of this delicate pink natural crystal purify the aura and open the heart chakra for a more harmonious relationship.

How to Wear/Use:
To wear or use these Vastu items of elegant bright stones, place them in your home, office, car, or bedside table to experience an energetic wave of transformation. You can also carry it in your wallet or purse, or keep it in your child‘s room, bedroom, or living room as a decoration.
If you feel heaviness in the stones or bracelet, keep them in the moonlight for 4-5 hours to recharge them.

Benefits of the Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit:

  1. Promoting Grounding and Stability: Taurus individuals value stability and security. The crystals in the Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit can promote grounding, helping Taurus individuals feel connected to the earth and anchored in their daily lives.
  2. Enhancing Abundance and Prosperity: Taurus individuals have a natural affinity for abundance and material comforts. The crystals in the Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit can enhance the manifestation of abundance, attracting prosperity and creating a mindset of wealth consciousness.
  3. Supporting Physical Health and Well-being: Taurus individuals prioritize their physical health. The crystals in the Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit can support overall well-being, promoting vitality, strength, and balance in the body.
  4. Fostering Sensuality and Pleasure: Taurus individuals have a deep appreciation for sensory experiences and pleasures. The crystals in the Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit can enhance sensuality, heightening the enjoyment of life’s pleasures and promoting a deeper connection with the senses.
  5. Encouraging Patience and Determination: Taurus individuals are known for their patient and determined nature. The crystals in the Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit can enhance these qualities, supporting Taurus individuals in staying committed to their goals and persevering through challenges.
  6. Cultivating Self-Worth and Confidence: Taurus individuals value their self-worth and have a strong sense of self. The crystals in the Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit can cultivate self-worth and confidence, helping Taurus individuals recognize their own value and stand firmly in their convictions.
  7. Enhancing Connection with Nature: Taurus individuals have a deep connection with nature and appreciate its beauty. The crystals in the Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit can enhance this connection, promoting a sense of harmony with the natural world and facilitating a deeper appreciation for the earth’s gifts.
  8. Nurturing Emotional Stability: Taurus individuals seek emotional stability and security. The crystals in the Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit can provide a sense of emotional grounding, supporting Taurus individuals in finding inner calmness and resilience in the face of emotional challenges.

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The stones utilised in this product are natural gemstones, so the product may differ slightly from the image shown


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