citrine tumbled stone

Citrine Tumbled Stones: Embrace Abundance and Joy

Bring good luck, money, abundance, success, and fill your life with positive energy with these highly energising and purifying stones!

To bring wealth, abundance and luck, the best place to put Citrine is in the SouthEast corner, or the furthest left corner, of your house or workplace. By utilizing this gemstone, you can manifest your desires, dreams and goals.

Healing: Citrine crystals are known for their ability to bring wealth, abundance, and prosperity, as well as their capacity to heal issues related to emotions, mental health, and physical wellbeing. The energy of the sun strengthens this crystal‘s ability to remove any blockages you may have, while also promoting health, joy, enthusiasm, and general happiness.

Meditation: When using crystals and tumble stones during meditation, it can help to improve concentration and create a calm atmosphere. The stones will also clear away any negative energies, as well as amplify the healing effects of the meditation for better results.

Manifestation & Visualization: Tumble stones and crystals can be used for manifestation, particularly when combined with affirmations. Placing the stones nearby or holding them allows you to set your intentions and direct them out into the universe, leading to the realization of your desires. Visualizing your best or higher self and speaking affirmations out loud with relaxation and focus can further enhance this process.

citrine tumbled stone

Benefits of Citrine Tumbled Stones:

  1. Abundance and Manifestation: Citrine is a powerful crystal for attracting abundance and prosperity. Tumbled stones of Citrine can enhance your manifestation abilities, helping you attract success, wealth, and opportunities into your life.
  2. Uplifts Mood and Promotes Joy: Citrine tumbled stones radiate a warm and joyful energy. They assist in uplifting your mood, promoting optimism, and bringing forth a sense of inner joy and positivity.
  3. Enhances Confidence and Self-Esteem: Citrine is known for boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. Tumbled stones of Citrine help you embrace your worth, release self-doubt, and step into your personal power with greater confidence.
  4. Stimulates Creativity and Inspiration: Citrine tumbled stones ignite creativity and inspire innovative thinking. They help you tap into your creative potential, enhance problem-solving skills, and bring forth fresh ideas and inspiration.
  5. Energizes and Cleanses the Chakras: Citrine has an energizing and cleansing effect on the chakras. Tumbled stones of Citrine can be used to cleanse and align the solar plexus chakra, promoting confidence, personal power, and a balanced sense of self.
  6. Dispels Negativity and Attracts Positivity: Citrine has a powerful cleansing and transmuting energy. Tumbled stones of Citrine dispel negative energies, thoughts, and emotions, replacing them with positivity, optimism, and a sense of empowerment.
  7. Supports Solar Plexus Healing and Vitality: Citrine is closely associated with the solar plexus chakra, which governs personal power and vitality. Tumbled stones of Citrine assist in healing and balancing the solar plexus, promoting overall well-being and vitality.

Experience the radiant energy of Citrine with the captivating Citrine Tumbled Stones. Shop now at Soulful Bazaar and embrace the abundance, positivity, and inner joy offered by these uplifting crystals.

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